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Residential Painting

Every house painting service provides you with experienced painters. These painters are trained in their job and have considerable experience.

Commercial Painting

The professional painters provided by a house painting service are very fast. They have a knack of finishing their jobs on time.


When you hire a professional service to get your house painted, they give you a warranty. This warranty usually lasts for a period of 3 to 7 Years. During this period, if the paint comes off or there is any other related problem, the service will paint your house once again.


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The painting job done by a house painting service is really long lasting. This means that the maintenance cost for the paints will automatically become zero. This helps to save a lot of money and time.

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Each and every painter working with a house painting service is fully insured for any loss that is caused by his action. This lends an extra credibility and safety to the job being done.


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If you hire a painter from one of the services you do not have to take any stress. This is because such a painter is trained to handle all types of situations.

Residential Painting

Your home is more than just a place to lay your head or store your possessions. Your home should be an extension of you and an expression of your own unique personality. How we choose to decorate our home is the perfect opportunity to show the world our creative side and the correct color scheme can lead to a more harmonious feeling within the home. Whether you choose to fill your home with bright colors or opt for a more neutral, calming atmosphere, Isak painting services is here to help you every step of the way. By entrusting your painting needs to us we can offer a service second to none, and pride ourselves on our commitment to our craft. We will offer advice and guidance throughout our service to ensure we meet your requirements, and will always strive to exceed your expectations.

Commercial Painting

Whether you own an expensive office premise or a small local store, a good commercial company is one which will treat your business with the same amount of care and dedication and awards all its clients. And reputation as one of the most reliable Toronto painting services is built on years of hard work and exceptional attention to detail. A good painting service company should work with you at every stage of the process and offer guidance to ensure your business is transformed into a professional and attractive environment. It should be able to create an atmosphere to ensure your premises are portrayed in the best possible way.

Why Hire Us

An exterior paint job requires more than just a coat of paint on certain surfaces. When older coats of paint are present, this must be taken into account as well as the types of paints that are used, the materials used to coat the house with paint, and much more. There are certain resources, however, that lead to a great paint job for an exterior, which an amateur would simply not be capable of knowing.

Professional touch

In the first place, a home painting expert will be able to carry on with the task with more ease, efficiency as well as professional approach. As professionals, they have a very good understanding of painting coats, caulking as well as other technical issues which are crucial to make a painting work successful. They are conversant with the proper usage of painting tools as well as different paints. Based on their experience they can judge best which color combinations will be perfect for your home. An amateurish effort might not be that useful.

Facility of liability insurance

If you go for skilled home painting services, you will be in a winning situation. In general, most of the professionals will be at work having authentic liability insurance. In fact, it happens to be a credible feature of a careful professional and it ultimately proves to be beneficial for you. In case the professional gets hurt while working on home painting project, the homeowner does not have to take the trouble of paying for the workers who get injured at work. At the same time a homeowner does not need to bear the expense of property damages provided the professional carries liability insurance with him.

Long lasting impact

Home painting tends to be more durable in nature provided you get it done by an expert or by a reputable company. There is no reason to deny that the moment you hire a professional to get your home painted you also get the unfailing assurance that only the best quality materials will be used. Because of standard materials, experience and expertise of the professional you will not have to redo the work or repaint soon. After the job is done you might also get maintenance tips.

Smarter time management

Professional painters offer you with time efficiency. They know how to complete a job in a quick span of time without compromising with quality. They apply proper techniques and their sound knowledge in this industry to manage the job efficiently.

Promise of warranty

In most cases, home painting services offer their clients with a warranty period. These warranties span for 3 to 7 years in general.

Types of Paint Services We Provide

Interior Painting

If you are in need of doing some interior house painting it is always a good thing if you have some guidelines that you can go by.

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Most people have probably painted a room somewhere at sometime in their lives. However; that does not mean that they really know how it should be done. Hopefully this article will be of use and help to those who want to make sure that they get the job done correctly.

Exterior Painting

A good painting professional, after listening to your needs, will come up with a plan on how the job will go.

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You should be told of the products that are best for the exterior work and what the final result of the work is going to be. The plan should not be based only on the short term goal of keeping the house looking attractive but should also aim to have the work stand the test of time in serving your house. He should know the best color mix and offer you a guarantee for the painting work if he is sure about the services he has to offer.

Residential Painting

Residential paint contractors can make your house painting projects go quickly and smoothly and can give you great results…if you hire the right one.

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On the other hand, they can also leave you with less than stellar results, charge more than you expected or take longer to complete the project than they should. That’s why it is so important to know what you are getting into up front.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting differs from general house painting in a way that the former affects large number of people says your employees, customers and house painting affects your family and friends.

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Thus commercial painting should be administered with utmost care considering the expertise that goes into such kind of painting. So it’s advisable to hire commercial painting contractors or professional experts from a known painting company.

About Us

Remodeling a home can easily turn it around in terms of functionality as well as in esthetical value. Whether a family or individual chooses to go for the house painting services in order to increase the real estate value of a home, property or simply to render the home into better conditions, there is no other way to make sure that the painting job is done better, than to simply engage in a professional company.

Many people believe that painting a house, is not a job worth hiring a professional service. Well nothing can be more far from the truth. An objective point of view will reveal that the job to paint an entire house truly demands a professional service. Well, the fact remains that hiring a house painting service has many benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them.


“Mike and his team are great! He gave me great advice on colors for my new house and his painting team were prompt, polite and did great work. I’ll definitely use them going forward for any of my indoor or outdoor painting needs. Thanks again!!”

-Alaina G.

“I don’t typically take the time to write testimonials but my experience with Mike Braun has been so positive that I am prompted to do so. If you are like me and hesitate to hire painters for a variety of reasons (thinking you can do the job, wonder about the end result and cost, etc.) – you will be happy with this decision. Competent, clean, courteous service.”

-Michael H.

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