When you paint with exquisite and rich colors, the house generally gets more attractive. Using good quality and trusted paint brand as well as reputable painters will go a long way to make your house attractive.

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Frequently Asked

Why Did the Paint Dry Unevenly?

In some cases, you may simply have to wait a few more days for the paint to even out. In some cases, the painters may have applied the paint unevenly and a re-do is needed to correct the mistake. Still, in other cases an uneven paint job may be the result of condensation forming on the painted surface, especially if you paint the house in the late afternoon shortly before the sun goes down. You or your painters should try to get started in the morning to give the sun enough time to dry the paint before condensation starts to form after sunset. A second coat a day later may help things even out, too.

Is There a Way to Prevent Peeling?

Proper preparation of the surface is a good way to reduce such occurrences. This means prepping the surface by removing dirt and debris. In some cases, sanding a particularly problematic area may be necessary. Applying a primer before the final coat is also helpful. In some cases, of course, excess moisture may be the cause of peeling paint.

How Can I Avoid Drips of Paint When it Dries?

If you just painted your walls and notice drips of paint when it dries, you used too much or did not allow the first coat to adequately dry before applying the next coat. A well-trained, experienced contractor will know how much paint is too much paint and how long to allow the first coat to dry before proceeding with the second.

How Can I Prevent Mildew Growth on My Exterior Walls?

You may find some paints are more prone to mildew than others (latex paint may be a better choice if you’re in a humid environment), but simply slapping a new coat of paint on the side of the house is not enough to prevent those annoying black and green spots from returning. The best cure may be to correct the cause of mildew growth in the area, such as checking for leaks in the wall or aiming the sprinklers so they don’t hit the wall.

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